Monday, 26 May 2008

Bush Buddy

We have owned a BushBuddy Ultra for a while and have always thought that it is ideal for places where there is an abundant supply of firewood, especially along the coast. The stove weighs 150 gms and fits snugly into our Backpackinglight 1100 ml pot but will also slip inside a MSR 0.85 litre pot with about a cm of the stove protruding above the pot.
We used the stove this past weekend on the Österlenleden. The stove lived up to all its claims of burning efficiently with the design allowing continuing refuelling from the fuel sources available, in our case small pine cones which provided a hot fire and almost ash free residue. Given our proximity to ample supplies of driftwood we were able to keep it burning longer than we would have been able to with a gas stove.

One of the benefits of the stove is also its warming glow that it can provide at night, though this also means that it is difficult to use in confined surroundings.