Sunday, 7 September 2008

BPL Titanium Wing Stove

For a while now I have had the BPL Titanium Wing Stove in my gear closet and whilst I have tried it a few times I have never taken it on a trip. Finally last weekend was an opportunity to test it out before longer trip in October.

For me it was a blessing to be able to take out the stove, windshield, fuel and matches from my 500 ml pot. to set it up and light. It was easy to use and took about 7 minutes to boils sufficient water for my boil in the bag meal. Yes there was a residue on the bottom of the pot but with the use of a small scourer I was able to clean it off. The advantage of such a stove is the measured quantity of fuel used and thus for me at least it is easy to determine how much fuel to pack. I intend to use this stove from now on because of its simplicity as well as its weight savings.