Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Done in a day: Glimåkra to Osby

I had some time so I decided to take a walk from Glimåkra to Osby, which required that I catch a train from Copenhagen to Hässleholm and then bus to Glimåkra. So after about 2.5 hours of travelling I had my pack on my back and was walking towards Trollabackarna shelter (located in the hills of the Trolls). Passing by the Trollabadet which I had visited in November 2008 I then climbed the hill towards the shelter. The climb is a gentle one, but was made more difficult by the ice on the trail, however, after a short while I was at the Trollabackarna shelter, home for the night.
Adjacent to the shelter there is a rock platform which provides commanding views to the West and the South with a clear night it was possible to see the lights of the nearby towns. I assume that this was where the Trolls threw stones towards the church at Glimåkra.
Friday February 27 – Glimåkra to Osby
It was a cool frosty start to the day with sun rise visible from the shelter. After breakfast the icy path down the steps from the shelter, soon tested the grip on my shoes. Yes, the first step was also the first slide. Having recovered from landing on my back side I continued along the trail passing through forest as well as crossing a number of roads both minor and major.
Of interest was the small hydro electric plant near Rumperöd nearby two deer were grazing they quickly disappeared into the forest as I approached.

Further along the trail I was surprised to come to one of the many historical signs in the area which indicated that the family of Tuve Johansson had moved to many parts of the world including Australia, it made me wonder where their descendants are now.

Having crossed the Helge å for the second time I entered the historical area of Domånres with its wonderful water wheel crossing route 23 led me to Osbysjön and Klinten Shelter.

Upon arriving at Klinten Shelter I met a representative of Friluftsfrämjandet who not only look after the shelter but maintain the trail and conduct a number of activities including canoe tours, saunas on the lake etc. They are well worth investigating in my view. From the shelter it was a short walk to the station and then home to Copenhagen, a wonderful days walk through the forest, small villages and country lanes at a time when the weather was pleasant and the birds were singing.