Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Jotunheimen Plans

My basic plan is to start in Krossbu, in the west, and walk to Gjendesheim, in the east. This plan evolved from the availability of bus services at either end and their timing in relation to NSB trains and flights between Copenhagen and Oslo.

The plan is an open one as there are a number of options of hiking from Krossbu to Gjendesheim, I do know that I am not doing any glacier walks this time, nor am I climbing the highest peak in Norway, Galdhøpiggen.

My preferred route commences at Krossbu, visits Skogadalsbøen , Olavsbu, Spiterstulen, Glitterheim, Gjendesheim . However, an alternative route will take me past Gjendebu and Memurubu. But note that I will be carrying and using my Laser Competition every night.

Helping me in my planning has been 2 books
Cicerone Press: Walking in Norway by Connie Roos
Rother Walking Guide: Norway South Bernhard Pollmann

Maps, there is only one choice in Norway which is Turkart, I purchased my Jotunheimen Vest and Aust maps at the Otta Railway Station, if you are into last minute planning otherwise I am sure they can be purchased wherever you may be.

What I am carrying will be the subject of a later post.