Monday, 17 August 2009

Sigg Water bottles

Now most of us at one stage or another have owned a Sigg water bottle, great bottles and virtually indestructible. Well recently I was visiting family in Australia and was browsing through a kitchen shop (yes I love kitchen shops almost as much as I love outdoors shops) and I came across a collection of Sigg Bottles. But what caught my attention was the red wide mouth sigg bottle. There was no question it had to be bought. Interestingly the wide mouth top is a similar size to the Nalgene tops, but the threads are different, also the bottle has a standard sigg opening, so, the bottle is easy to fill and easy to drink out of.

It weighs about 170 grams which is about the same as a Nalgene bottle. I am not sure how readily available they are but if you are into sigg bottles they are worth a look.