Friday, 23 October 2009

24 hours plus in Skåne

Well I am planning to go hiking next week in Söderåsen National Park in Skåne Sweden (I am not expecting snow but will be starting in Röstånga where the photo was taken). The trip is intended to take 3 days (including travel to & from Copenhagen) and cover about 40 kms. However, what I have realised is that whilst there is some planning, such as transport and food there is not a lot else required, and as a consequence the focus of the trip will be on the surroundings and the enjoyment of the walk.

For those wondering the big three are

Haglöfs Lim 45
Mountain Laurel Designs Duo Mid in Silnylon
Nunatak Quilt combined with a BPL Vapor bivy.

My stove will be the bushbuddy combined with a MSR Titan Kettle and a few Esbits along with a Trail Designs Gram Cracker for the "just in case" scenario. Clothing will include Paramo Third Element and Velez trousers combined with Backpackinglight Hoody. But it is apparent to me that once you get your gear organised it is easy to just pack up and go, when the chance arises, resulting in a less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable trip.