Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Møns and Kongsbjerg

I had a chance to get away for a couple of days, much in the way that Ryan Jordan has described as 24 hours a trip completed in 24 hours. Well where I live there are not many options, so I decided to walk from Råbylillestrand to Magleby in the Møns Klint area approximately 200 km south of Copenhagen. The return trip including 8 hours on public transport amounted to 36 hours. The weather for this trip was to be cool clear and windy so it was time to bring out the Paramo gear: Third Element Jacket and the Velez Adventure Trousers.

The walk initially followed the trail along Råbylillestrand, after leaving Råbylillestrand the trail skirts farmland before returning to the coast to pass Busemarke Mossen (wetlands) . The coastal walking continues along firm sand until you reach Klintholm Havn where you return to the bitumen as well as passing a small supermarket and the local fish smoke house. Leaving Klintholm Havn along minor roads before returning to Mandemarke Haver and it two shelters, the walk along the stone covered coastline leads then through a cow paddock (have you ever considered the implications of wearing a Red Paramo Third Element jacket in a bulls paddock, I did) after which it is a short walk to Busene Have prior to arriving at the base of Møns Fyr (Lighthouse).

From here I was on familiar territory climbing towards the large chalk klints (Cliffs) of Møns. There are several excellent view points and whilst the wind was cold the clear views out to see made for an enjoyable walk. Soon I headed away from the coastline to find a spot in the forest to camp. My sleeping arrangement for this trip was a Integral Designs Sil Poncho accompanied by the the Integral Designs eVent Overbag (now with side zip, thanks Scottish Mountain Gear). I was pleased with this arrangement and with the trekking poles making a "V" (a great idea presented by Dondo at BPL a while ago) provided easy access to the tarp.

After a final stroll and a visit to the cliffs looking out to sea I was soon in to bed quickly noticing how much warmer it felt under the tarp.I soon nodded off to sleep to the sound of the Naturugle (Owl)

Thanks to the comfort of the Neo Air I never did see the sunrise, but quick cup of coffee on the Compact Caldera and MLD pot (wood stoves are not good when you are stealth camping) I soon set off the highest point in the trip Kongsbjerg at 135 m (the highest point in Denmark is Møllehøj standing at 170.86 m). After passing the fascinating birch tress with there root system exposed by the dried up sø (lake)

I soon arrived at Kongsbjerg which provided a rewarding panorama as well as the appropriately named thinking bench complete with words from Jim Morrison.

After spending some time thinking and photographing it was time to return to the forest and follow the trails to Magleby and then home.

It had been a short but rewarding trip which once again reminded me that visits to the outdoors help to reinvigorate the heart and mind.