Sunday, 22 November 2009

Compact Ti Tri Caldera Inferno

I have always been a great fan of the Ti Tri Caldera, and having tried the compact caldera with the MLD 850 cup I soon began to wonder whether it was possible to get a Compact Ti Tri Caldera Inferno for the MLD 850 cup. I contacted the folks at Trail Designs and they said sure no problems and in a bit over a week I had a shiny new Compact Inferno. I have now been able to test it out and this is a report of its first use. My first pleasant surprise came when I realised that everything fitted in side the cup and it was possible to place the lid of the pot loosely on top. However, the bending the fire grate is a little problematic but it fits in the base of my foam cozy so all in all a compact cook set.

The weights are as follows

MLD 850 pot including lid 90 gms
Compact Titanium Caldera 21 gms
Titanium Inferno 38 gms

with a Gram Cracker (3 gms) as a backup the total cooking system weight (not including 2 Ti stakes) is 152 gms. The following photo indicates the assembled system without the Ti stakes.

I set about lighting the Inferno in the normal manner and soon there was fire going, I allowed it to establish itself before putting the pot on.

The fire burned well with wood collected from a nearby forest, some of which was a little damp.

Whilst I did not time it, in around 10 minutes the water was boiling, a faster time would have been possible if the wood was dry.

After a few minutes the Caldera had begun to cool and was even cool enough for one of the local spiders to approach, see top of the concrete block in the picture.

My feelings is that this is perhaps the optimum solution when wood is available but you would like to carry fuel as a back up. I will be using this arrangement in up coming trips and will report further once I have used it whilst out and about.