Sunday, 15 November 2009

MLD Duo Mid Review

There have been many excellent blog entries on the Duo Md and in particular those of Andy Howell and Phil Turner have been most informative in preparation and planning for my first trip with a duo mid. I purchased a silnylon version because whilst a lighter shelter would be nice I felt that for the silnylon would satisfy my requirements as well as saving some money.

Preparing for my recent trip I seam sealed the mid using the advice on seam sealing provided by Ron Moak, as well I replaced the supplied cord with 2 mm dyneema from The first night I placed the sides well above the ground ensuring there was no condensation in the morning, however, there was a strong breeze blowing under the shelter and I was glad for my BPL Vapor Bivy. The second night I pegged the corners very tight to the ground but pulled out the mid points of the sides and this seemed to be a better option. As I had camped on damp grass and the skies were clear, the condensation soon formed on the inside of the shelter even before I had entered it. However, I was very pleased to find that later in the night and the next morning there was only a slight film of moisture on the inside of the shelter.

I am very happy with shelter because of its simplicity and the space offered to the solo hiker, all reports suggest that it is very weather worthy and will even survive light snowfalls. I am currently in the planning stage for a trip in Lapland in 2010 and the Duo Mid combined with some bug protection maybe the best option, more experimentation over the coming months will ultimately determine the best option for me.

Other observations; For the trip I used a Tyvek ground sheet but for coming trips I am looking at options for trapezoidal shaped floor as well I am now considering how I can set the mid up to use two poles in a "V" thereby giving me plenty of floor space, maybe a "y" shaped aluminium tube is the go.