Saturday, 6 February 2010

What gear have you carried for the longest time?

I like many others have changed gear when the next "bestest" thing comes along, however, there is always gear that does not change because we are happy with it, for me it is the long handled spoon. The spoon has an interesting history as the design was first suggested by Bill Fornshell on MYOG Spoon Well I purchased one of the BPL spoons in 2006, when they were bright and shiny, now they have a matte finish.
The spoon is ideal for the meals where there are a few pieces at the bottom of a deep pouch. However, whilst out for a day walk I realised that I had forgotten my Ti stakes for the Caldera stove, but then I discovered that the spoon had another use, a pot support in a Trail Designs Caldera Titanium Caldera.

It is no longer bright and shiny but will remain in my pack for many trips to come.

What has been in your pack for many trips? And it is not likely to be changed.