Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bushbuddy backup stove

Stoves are as much about personal preference as they are about fuel usage, weight, type of fuel etc.

I have been pondering on which stove to take with me to Lapland in July as well as other trips. Readers of the is blog will be well aware of the stoves I have and mostly I have used Esbit or alcohol stoves with wood stoves also featuring. Often I need to "stealth camp" and as a result wood stoves are not appropriate though my preference has always been for wood with a backup fuel such as Esbit or alcohol. Recently however, the availability of the larger Esbit tablets (12 gm) in Copenhagen has decreased and this has made me rethink the types of fuel to use.

This afternoon I decided to play with back up stove options for the Bushbuddy and I found that my Mogo Firefly stove with 30 ml of alcohol easily boiled 600 ml of water using the Bushbuddy pot stand surrounded by an aluminium wind break. The stove will easily fit in my Bushbuddy which fits nicely in the BPL 900 ml pot. So for my next trip that will be hat I am carrying a Bushbuddy combined with a Mogo Firefly .

I will report back on my experiences.

Oh and yes I really should do something about the garden.