Thursday, 17 June 2010

Am I there yet?

Well I am furiously working on my gear list, for my departure next week, currently the weights are made up of:

Equipment weight: 7 610 gms
Food and Fuel weight: 9 200 gms
Clothing Worn weight: 3 421 gms
Complete Pack weight 16 810 gms

The big three are

Pack Aarn Natural Balance (or in english) this is an 83litre pack yes a huge pack and I know I will not fill it, but the benefits include coming with 2 separate dry bag sections and thereby having sufficient space for all my gear whilst also keeping the wet gear away from the dry stuff. Weight of the pack is 2200 gms, if I can I will use a Aarn Mountain Magic 55 which weighs in at 1550 gms that will be nice, a work in progress.

Shelter, I am taking a Stephensons Warmlite 2 C a light tent but heavy by tarp standards, however, it is likely that there will be damp moist days and if its bug season then the ability to escape the hordes will be appreciated. Also the tent can be erected quickly with its 2 hoops and 3 pegs thus shelter can be erected in exposed conditions in under 5 minutes. Furthermore I intend to camp as high as possible as often as possible and this tent will cope with strong winds. Weight 1300 gms with seam sealing.

, I never leave home without an Nunatak Arc quilt, for this trip it is the Arc Specialist weighing in at 550 gms.

So big three weight is 4050 grams, a little heavy but with it comes piece of mind. However I do not meet the 343 criteria, so this will be an aim for the next trip to the area.

Other equipment:

For cooking I am taking a MSR 850 kettle, a Primus Micron Ti stove with an Aluminium windshield and a mini lightmyfire the weight for the cook kit with spoon and cozy is 306 gms.

Sleeping, aside from the quilt I will be using a short Neoair and a multimat adventurer Quilt, neoair and multimat total weight is 918 gms.

Aside from sleeping clothing (silk pants and merino top) I will be carrying my Rab Demand PullOn which will be combined with Montane Featherlite pants and MLD eVent mittens, BPL Cocoon Hoody, Possum fur hat and gloves should the conditions be very wet and cold. Total weight of clothing carried in the pack will be 1230 gms.

I expect that for most of the time I will be wearing a Montane Featherlite Windshirt combined with a BPL Merino Hoody and possibly an Icebreaker short sleeve shirt, for bottoms it will be Montane Terra Converts, Icebreaker legless (if needed) and Underarmour shorts along with my Tilley Hat and normal socks.

There are of course other odds and ends such as camera, phone, first aid, personal hygiene which all add up in weight, but are very important.

A final gear list will be available in the coming days.