Monday, 7 June 2010

Heading North

It is 12 months ago when I had planned to go to Lapland and walk a section of the Nordkalotten Trail, in particular Kilipsjärvi to Abisko, well the purchase of a house put an end to that, but this year it is happening. There has been some modifications on the route as well as gear since last year which I will describe below.

The Route:

I will be catching the train from Copenhagen to Björkliden and commence the walk north from there. The trail distance is about 180 km, not including side trips, but route is intended to allow for variation, depending on the scenery weather etc. The advantage of taking the train is that I can pack all my gear including fuel before leaving Copenhagen.

The gear:

For me it is an unknown area and as consequence I prefer to err on the side of caution and given that the weather will most likely be damp, there will be mosquitos and it can be windy I will be taking a tent. The tent is a Stephenson's Warmlite 2C in a lovely blue colour, the total weight of the tent with poles and seam sealing is 1.3 kg and it provides a large amount of bug and moisture protected space for 1. My pack will be the Aarn Natural Balance, I do not expect to fill the pack, but with its two waterproof compartments I will be able to separate wet gear from dry gear which will give me a sense of security if the weather is very wet. The front Balance pockets provide ample space for the daily needs including camera, tripod, food and cooking gear. I may be using a gas stove on the trip for its ease of use along with the option to use it in a tent if the conditions warrant.

I will be writing more before I leave on other considerations, especially food, wet weather clothing and cameras.