Sunday, 13 June 2010

Organised Wandering

So the trip is planned, I will alight from the train at Björkliden on the banks of Torneträsk and then soon after be on the Nordkalotten as it wends its way north. Initially I will follow the shore line of Torneträsk and if it is warm with little or no wind then the mosquitos will want to be friends, but my friends will be a BPL Headnet and PreVent.

Initially my plan is to walk to Lappjordhytta a distance of about 15 km, from which I will then climb to higher elevations before searching out a hopefully bug free campsite. This will form the general plan for each day walking about 20 km a day along the trail and seeking a high campsite. There are many possible detours and peaks to climb so with almost 24 hours of daylight I will be taking every opportunity to seek out places of interest as I walk along the trail. Perhaps one highlight is the three countries border between Finland, Norway and Sweden, it may be at this point that I will take the ferry to Kilipsjärv instead of walking, time will tell.

Thus I have a starting point and time as well as an end point and time. However, I must remember that my finishing point and bus to Tromsø leaves from Kilipsjärvi which is in Finland and therefore Finnish time, which is 1 hour different to Swedish and Danish time.

Maps of the area
There are 3 Swedish 1:100 000 maps which cover most the of the route these are
BD 1 Treriksröset - Råstojaure
BD 3 Rensjön - Pulsujärvi
BD 6 Abisko - Kebnekaise - Narvik

However, the map the covers the entire route is a Norwegian1: 100 000 map which is

Turkart Indre Troms

I have photocopied the required sections of the map onto waterproof paper for day to day use but will carry the Turkart, just in case I fall of the map.

I buy all my maps from Nordisk Korthandel who provide an excellent in house as well as online ordering system.