Monday, 14 June 2010


Perhaps my biggest challenge for this trip has been, What stove?

I have more stoves than I am prepared to admit to, so the first decision is wood, gas, metho or esbit.

Answer, I would love to use wood, but am not sure about the area I am heading to so; gas is easy, alcohol and esbit are also easy but could be a hassle.

So gas is easy but the empty canister weight adds grams to my pack my quick calculation means that I need to carry (including canister weight) about 615 grams of gas, whereas with an alcohol stove I could carry 550 gms including containers then there is the burners etc.

If I carry a Trail Designs Heineken Keg stove the weight for the keg, caldera, cozy, plastic cup is 144 gms, whereas a Monatauk Gnat plus pot wind screen is 217 gms. So the weights are

Trail Designs Keg 694 gm starting weight
Monatauk Gnat 777 gm starting weight.

What do I choose?

On weight alone is has to be the Keg and the keg has the added advantages of using alcohol, reliable and no moving parts. On the other hand a gas stove requires clean jets burners etc. Usually weighs more but offers less of CO problem, reliability and controls. An interesting dilemma.