Sunday, 22 August 2010

Salomon XT Wings 2: First walk

Much of the hiking I do in Denmark and southern Sweden is on hard packed trails and tarmac and as a consequence I need shoes that provide support, traction and some padding in the sole. I also prefer to use Salomon shoes as they fit and comfort level is consistent across the different styles I have used. Lighthiker in a recent post reminded me of the XT Wings. After much searching I was able to find a pair in my size online and they duly arrived from Beyond Extreme. Straight out of the box the shoes felt comfortable and fitted, I wear a UK 13.5 (EU 49.3) in Salomon shoe and the weight for my shoes is 880 gm for the pair the same as the weight of my Terrocs in UK size 13. My Salomon Tech Amphibian 2 in UK 13.5 weigh in at 740 grams for the pair.

As I said the shoes felt comfortable from the time I put them on, they have a reasonable lug sole, better than my Salomon XA Pro Ultra (compared side by side below)

One of the benefits of the XT Wings is that they are non Goretex lined, my preferred option, one that is increasingly difficult to find. I wore them on a 8 km walk through the nearby forest and was very happy with the comfort level and the way that the heel nestled firmly in the back of the shoes. Some writers have expressed concern at the Salomon lacing system, but I have replaced one set of laces (in my XA Pro Ultras) and it was a straight forward process and on an extended walk I would take a spare lace for the just in case situation.

Admittedly a short walk does not constitute a real test, but proved that I will be using them on forthcoming walks.