Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bastrup Tower

Well I really needed to go for a walk, for all sorts of reasons (mainly work) I have found it difficult to get away, but I found a window of opportunity and took the chance. With the change of seasons the weather outlook was okay and so I decided to explore the Mølleådalen which is a 30 km trail between Buresø and Klampenborg and thanks to a suggestion on Outsite Dk I was able to start the walk at Olystykke Railway station. From the railway station the walk takes you through the township of Olystykke before crossing the main road between Roskilde and Helsingør and then heading into the forests. Soon the Skenkelsø Mølle comes into view.

After crossing the main road the trail climbs slightly before passing a primitive campsite (no facilities) with pleasant views over the plains before reaching Sperrestrup where the Naturesti to Buresø commences.

From here it was a pleasant walk passing many trees and bushes changing colour with the on set of Autumn along with views of small ponds.

Before reaching Buresø the trail passes through Slagslunde Skov which provides a wonderful mixture of tress and lakes as well as mosquitos.

After passing through the hamlet of Buresø I started walking along the Molledalen

As I walked along the well formed trail it was evident that Autumn was here with the many different coloured leaves. I had decided that I would stop for lunch on the banks of Bastrup Sø and arrived at the shelter place which overlooked the lake.

The roof of the shelter was covered in what was best described as a well manicured lawn.

After lunch I continued along the trail and was soon confronted by Bastrup Tower now if I had read the leaflet I perhaps would have realised that I would see the tower.

What was surprising to me was the statement on the plaque which said that it was a medieval tower but very little was known about its purpose. However, it provided commanding views of one of the cleanest water sources in Sjælland (Bastrup Sø)

After inspecting the tower and its surround the trail took me past farm land and forest, past manicured gardens and houses.

Before descending into the water logged marshes upstream of Furesø.

This was perhaps one of my most enjoyable walks in and around Copenhagen and it just goes to show that there are always places where you can enjoy the outdoors which are close to your doorstep, the challenge is finding them.