Saturday, 11 December 2010


Todays walk was to the Frilandsmuseet (Open air Museum in Copenhagen) which can be reached from the Copenhagen Main station after a short walk from Sorgenfri Station. As its name suggest it is an open air museum and consists of many buildings associated with the 1800's as well as other outdoor displays. For two weekends at christmas time it is open.

The displays are diverse with old thatched roof buildings and horse drawn vehicles.

Along with fascinating uses of birch bark on roofs.

There is many different cobblestone pavements within the housing areas.

Within each building there is many examples of the furniture used in days gone by.

We left as the sun was setting.

Perhaps more importantly access to the whole area is free, as it is for many other National Museum locations.


Tor Magnus said...

We used to have a cabin with a birch bark base below the sod that covered the roof. I don't think we ever had to change it either actually. Good stuff. :)

Alan Sloman said...

Fascinating stuff! My own thatched roofs (a combination of Norfolk Reed and Combed wheat straw) could have done with that birch bark underlay - at the moment it is leaking! :(

Joe Newton said...

I thought birch bark made a wonderful tinder?! Not sure it would pass Building Regulations these days!