Friday, 10 June 2011

And the winner is

I have spent a lot of time pondering over which shelter to take to Lapland this summer and have decided that it will be the GoLite SL2 (with the GoLite SL 1 a close second)

Why I hear you ask, well I suppose I just like the SL 2 for the following reasons.

  • It has a slightly smaller footprint, which may prove useful in certain areas
  • It has a two way zip on the door which allows me to look out from the top of the door
  • Venting, may not be that useful, but it is there.
  • Weight, about the same as the SpeedMid
  • Bug inner provides a haven from the insects, if needed, or can be used as a groundsheet
  • There is ample space outside of the innernet for gear, cooking, etc.

Similarities with the SpeedMid
  • 4 stakes and trekking poles will erect the shelter quickly and thus provide the protection from the weather.
  • Spacious and when closed up provides a "wet and dry area" for the user.

Disadvantages of using the SL2 (note that these are presumed and will be reported upon again on my return)
  • Not as wind sturdy as the MLD SpeedMid
  • Large side panels will flap in the wind
  • The cross section piece of fabric at the bottom of the door
  • Entry in wet weather will result in the inner (and possibly sleeping gear) getting wet
  • Innernet dependent on the string connector between poles
  • Requires two poles to set it up

Why did I consider the SL1?
  • Smaller footprint
  • Lower profile
  • Similar weight using the GoLite inner
Why did I discount it?
  • Lack of a wet and dry area, the front vestibule is the only place to store wet gear.
Some useful videos on the web that have contributed to my considerations.

Time will tell if it was the right decision.