Thursday, 2 June 2011

Svängsta to Östafors; along the Blekingeleden

I had been lucky to have some free time and after completing a few more home renovation projects I felt it was time for a walk, as it would allow me to try out a few ideas in the wilds of Skåne before heading to Lapland.

I started in Svängsta, a small township about 10 km from Karlshamn, I then headed across the Mörrumsån to join the Laxaleden.

The Laxaleden is a 30 km trail which commences at Pukavik Bay and follows the Mörrumsån to Ebbemåla/Hovmansbygd. Sections of the trail above Svängsta suggest that it was once used as a railway line.

After passing through Åkeholm, the trail meets the Blekingeleden coming from Långasjön in the east. 

I continued on passing small farmlets on my right while the Mörrumsån flowed on my left. Ultimately I reached Härnäs nature area, with its rapids and railway bridge across the river after which the trail wanders through the forest and along country roads before reaching Bredasjön, with its shelter, this was to be home for the night.

After a pleasant and humid evening with the ever present buzz of mosquitos I settled down for the night, dismayed by the fact that my POE mattress valve was leaking no matter what I did. However, I rediscovered the ability to sleep on a thin piece of foam which made me realise that maybe I did not need the expensive mattresses after all.

The next morning was still humid as I set off and I expected it to rain, and when it did, it was very light. The trail takes you around the outskirts of Kyrkeult, passing by Fornebodasjön 

before reaching Hälsokällan a health spring it was here that I filled up my water bottles before continuing westward.

Passing the outskirts of Kyrkehult the trail descended into the forest before arriving at Slagesnässjön a lake with a lovely hotel. Last time I was here the lake was frozen with the water(ice) level almost to the shelter.  But now the new swimming jetty was in place and all that was needed was for some warm sunny weather, which of course would also bring the mossies.

Leaving Slagesnässjön the trail follows the outlet of the lake before climbing away from Snöflebodaån and after following a number of minor roads you arrive at the northern end of Hallen, a large lake which incorporates a beautiful nature area. It was here at Fristorpet, I stopped for lunch and just enjoyed the sunshine and the view.

After a relaxing I followed the east bank of Hallen south till I found a campsite at the southern end of the lake. By now the weather was warm and as the wind dropped the insects increased, but it was a relaxing evening.

I spent a very pleasant evening relaxing and enjoying the vistas across the lake, the next morning the air was clear and the views were equally pleasant. 

I was not in a big rush so after a relaxing breakfast I packed up took some photos of the southern end of the lake and then headed to a view point which looks north across Hallen. The views northwards across Hallen were ideal, after enjoying the surrounds I set off on what would be the last section of the trip to the bus at Östafors.

As I headed home I was appreciative of the work done by the trail maintainers who help to protect sensitive areas of the trail from over use.