Friday, 16 September 2011

Kullaberg: A day out

It has been quite a while since I had been out for a walk, so when the opportunity arose to visit an area that I had been interested in for a long time I took it.

The Kullaberg Peninsula is less than 2 hours from Copenhagen and is in southern Sweden, the area is also a popular tourist destination for walkers, holiday makers and golfers.

We set of from a carpark on the north side of the peninsula and and followed the trail towards the coast,  reaching the coastline we were immediately impressed by the views, calm waters and cliff line.

Swinging west we followed the often mud covered well trodden trail through the forests with the sounds of birds and the ever present "ping" of golf balls being hit in the adjacent golf course.

The trail continued past the golf course before descending towards the point as we begun to exit the forest I was amazed to hear a jet travelling at high speed and at low elevation. A quick look and I noted it was a Vampire jet following the peninsula, these jets were based in the 1960's in nearby Ängelholm. I assume this was a joy flight as later in the day, again when I was in the forest, the jet gave a second show doing a roll as it past the point on Kullaberg Peninsula.

The peninsula is a popular area with many walkers as well as scuba divers in boats and on the rocks enjoying the calm seas and warm sunshine.

The lighthouse is still in use and is also open to the public and with an ice cream shop located nearby the point was an ideal lunch spot. 

After lunch the cloud had mostly cleared and the views as we headed along the northern side of the peninsula were stunning.

Finally, the trail turned inland through a cow paddock, the "old man of the paddock" calmly watched us as we and several other walkers wandered by, he did not seemed concerned.

There was many different types of plants and fungi growing in these warm moist conditions.

However, it was also evident that autumn was on its way.

We were intrigued to pass this Queen Bee breeding station, where all the queen bees for Sweden are bred. Hmm there must a "one liner" here somewhere. 

By now we had returned to the other side of the golf course and were presented with a wonderful view of the small township of Mölle, which is accessibly by bus from Helsingborg via Höganäs.

Turning away from the coast we reentered the lush green forests on the outskirts of Mölle, before the final climb took us back to the car.

Whilst it was a short walk in a very popular area, it had been a pleasure to experience both the forests and sea scapes of the western section of Kullaberg. I will return to visit the eastern end and maybe combine both for a long day walk.