Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A walk, a camp and a touch of snow.


I set off late towards Tisvilde Hegn and after leaving the station I headed into the forest, it was a cool, grey cold evening. But what really surprised me how calm it was, the sea was calm and with no breeze there was nothing to be heard. I wandered through the forest admiring the various twisted shapes of the trees, but being so dull the camera was struggling. After a while I set up camp and settled in for the night. Settling down after dinner I listened to Bob and Andy and their Christmas in a Tent podcast quite impressive and funny especially when the strong gusts of wind hit the tent, a contrast to my location. Soon I was nodding off to sleep to the sound of a Pearl Owl and later a Tawny Owl. IMGP2101

I awoke during the night to the sound of light rain, which I realised in the morning was snow.

It was still snowing lightly as I exited the trailstar.
After packing I followed the coastline before heading inland, admiring the twisted pines with their light covering of snow.
I soon returned to the beach and looked out on a very calm sea with a few walkers out enjoying the calm. IMGP2121
I was amazed to see that the sword is still in the rock it appeared refreshed with its dusting of snow.
For me it was back to the train and then home.

In closing have a happy holiday season and enjoy the trails wherever you may be.