Sunday, 26 February 2012

BPL UK Pocket Stove

Like many others (such as Robin) I purchased the Titanium Pocket Stove from Bob and Rose over at BPL UK, I was intrigued by its size and its multi fuel options. The stove arrived a couple of days ago and I immediately had to try it out. Pocket Stove and Zelphs Companion Burner

I was interested in seeing how it worked with a Trangia burner. My normal test is to boil 600 mls of water, as this is what I would normally use at camp in the evening. I was pleased to see that using the Trangia burner it did boil water, but used 37 gms of alcohol.

Next I tried Zelphs Starlyte stove a nice size wedding tin stove which is appealing for its weight and compactness, however it only holds about 25 mls of metho and with air temperatures of around 5 C and starting water temperature about the same the water did not boil, though it would have been hot enough for a cup of coffee.

Finally, under the same conditions, I tried Zelph's Companion burner which I normally use with my bushbuddy. Success, initially I used 40 mls of alcohol and it boiled the water and continue to burn for another 3 minutes. After allowing everything to cool I then accurately measured out 25 mls (20 gms) of alcohol and again achieved a boil in approximately 9 minutes. Stove and Companion Burner 2 I am optimistic that this combination may be a useable option on a wide variety of trips, for the weight conscious, the stove weighed 55 gms, the burner 40 gms, Evernew trivet 13 gms, and Al wind shield 30 gms. Pocket Stove and Zelphs Companion Burner and BPL 900 ml Pot Of interest was that I found it was better to place the open door of the stove away from the opening of the windshield, field tests will follow.