Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Icy Coastline

It was a grey and gloomy day as I set out from Korsør railway station through the streets of Korsør, home to the world's oldest operating movie theatre (Korsør Biograf Teater) before following the Lagunestien around the frozen banks of Korsør Nor to Korsør Lystskov.

By the time I had exited the forest it was snowing and I continued along the trail, then along the beach towards Skælskor. Walking along the frozen sandy beaches was easy, but the gloom and the cold made for less than ideal conditions. However, like every coastal walk there are always interesting sights to be seen, in this case it was the abundance of ice along the coastline, as well it was possible to hear the distant fog horns of the Storbælt bridge and the rhythmic hum of the ships sailing between the Baltic Sea and Kattegat prior to entering the North Sea.

Furthermore, I was amazed by the swans and other sea birds who either found unfrozen sections of sea to paddle in or stood on the ice, as the snow fell and the wind blew. Finally I passed the impressive shelter area of Kobæk forest, complete with heated toilet facilities, before walking into Skælskør, at which point I began my journey home. Whilst cold and grey, the area had convinced me to revisit it and continue my explorations along the Sjællandsleden.