Saturday, 14 July 2012

The tale of 2 Jetboil Sol Ti's

As Mark has already indicated we set off from Kilpisjärvi and after a 3 hour walk we arrived at Saarijärvi and setup camp before sitting down to cook. As soon as Mark had taken out his new Jetboil Sol ti I noticed a difference between his pot and mine. Looking down into the pot it was apparent that his had a raised circular outer section which mine did not have.


Upon closer inspection it was apparent the raised outer circle coincided with the heat exchanger, I wondered if this was to overcome some users concerns of the separation of the heat exchanger from the ti pot as well as corrosion issues. In other words had there been an updated version released? as I purchased mine in June 2011 and Mark in June 2012. The following day for some inexplicable reason I managed to cross thread the burner thread when attaching the gas cartridge to the burner, thus stripping the thread on the burner an event which Mark described as a catastrophic failure, and it was.


Interestingly, Mark compared his burner to mine and again there was a difference. His had a brass insert (see above) whereas mine did not (below).


 A brass insert would make it less likely for the burner thread to be stripped. So that made two differences and upon closer inspection it was also found that there was an indentation around the base of the pot perhaps intended to make it easier to attach the pot to the burner.


So my questions is do you have a first or second generation Jetboil Sol ti?  Is there another iteration?

Back to my problem, Mark kindly offered to lend me his burner which led to his need to stay at Saarijärvi on the return journey. I will never be able to thank Mark enough for his act of generosity especially given his early arrival at Saarijärvi on Monday and the consequential sauna like environment he experienced.

My carelessness does raise some interesting questions;

If you were alone in the same situation what would you do?
Is this a reason not to carry a gas stove?
Are you better carrying a generic pot and a top mount burner? Which will enable you to use the pot on any heat source, whereas the heat exchanger on the Jetboil pot will probably be damaged if used on another heat source.

I look forward to your input.

Addendum, for those with access to take a look at this article Scroll down to the gear comments, it seems that I am not the only one that has had problems with the thread.