Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Five Years

Beach clouds and sea

The other day we realised that the blog had been running for 5 years, as the blog commenced at the beginning of October 2007, coinciding with our return to Denmark. Since that time there has been many changes in the world around us, as well as in the blogosphere.

The blog started out with the aim to provide information on hiking locations in Denmark and other Nordic countries, a quick check of the blog will find trips in Scandinavia and Finland as well as Australia and the USA. Scattered throughout the blog there have been gear reviews (usually the most read). But even now the focus of this blog continues to be on recording, writing and photographing wherever we wander in the outdoors.

We also recognise the input of others; those who have provided comments on the blog, as well as the many other outdoor bloggers (the number of which has grown exponentially in the last few years) these bloggers have given of their time and experience to inform their readers of their journeys. We recognise that we have learnt a lot from others.

What of the future? Well, this blog will continue to report on our wanderings whether they be in Scandinavia or other locales. But for now, its October, and that means trips to the West Coast of Denmark, more about that in a week or two.

So in closing we would like to thank the many people we have met virtually or physically as a consequence of blogging.

Wishing you all happy wandering wherever you may roam.

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