Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wanderings in snowy forests

Over the past couple of weekends I have taken the opportunity to explore areas that I have previously visited. The first trip commenced in Slagslunde, after alighting from the bus I wandered down the road, towards the forest. I was taken by the snow clinging to branches of the trees.


As I entered Slagslunde Skov I left the road and wandered around the banks of Gulbjergmose, the lake was calm.

The lake was calm

a tree partially submerged

I then followed the forest trails admiring the fungi growing on the sawn timber.

It was lunchtime, so I lit the stove boiled some water, soup with sandwiches followed by coffee is always enjoyable on a cold winters day.

After lunch I continued through Krogenlund, visiting the burial mound, before descending to the stream and entering Ganlose forest.

Leaving the forest I crossed the main road and begun the walk along the banks of Bastrup Sø, this section of the trail was familiar to me but with the sun setting on a coolish evening the visual stimulation was different.

After leaving Bastrup Sø I was taken by the setting sun highlighted in the jars.


One week later, after an aborted trip to Gribskov, I returned to familiar territory along the banks of Fureso and into the forests of Hareskov. We have had more snow and the temperature had continued to be below zero so whilst snow depths were still low the snow base had firmed. Some had tried to ski, but walking was still the easiest option though there was ice on the well used paths. Wandering along the banks of Fureso, you are constantly rewarded with views over the lake, the sounds of birds flying (or chirping) along with people rowing, cycling, walking … This was equally true on this walk.

As I wandered I began to reflect on the beauty of this area, one I have been to many times, and whilst in some ways it will never change I enjoy the experience every time I pass through the area. After a while it was time for lunch and I chose a familiar place, and as other people wandered by I just sat and enjoyed the view appreciating the opportunity to be in such a location.

I continued further and investigated the icicles hanging from the trees wondering how long it would be before the lake (or at least the banks) would be frozen.

The sun came out which was both a blessing and a challenge, with a drop in the temperature an icy walk in my Innov8 288's was assured.

I recognised as I wandered that it may be time to dig out the Kahtoolas. I entered Frederiksdal, with its canal and lock.

after which I was homeward bound passing through Fredriksdal forest and then into Hareskov, with the sun providing a variety of visual experiences.

The sun began to set which reminded me that I had forgotten to pack a torch.