Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jetboil Sol Ti Long term perspective


I purchased a Jetboil Sol Ti in June 2011 since then I have used it on 2 trips to Lapland as well as many local trips.  In total I have used it for more than 50 nights, boiling more than 70 litres of water in that time.

Now the astute amongst you will have noticed that last year (2012) I wrote about a Jetboil failure which in my case was due to the thread on the burner becoming stripped and thus unusable, as I wrote at that time the thread was all aluminium whilst the newer ones are brass. The failure of the threading maybe user error, though the use of a brass insert will minimise such issues. I obtained a replacement burner from Spejdergear and have now returned to using the stove.

How are them fins?

Firstly lets take a look at the heat exchanger, as you can see there is some corrosion, but it is minor,


and inside.


My set up
The Jetboil comes with a  stand, as well as  cup which is used to protect the fins during transit.


However I found the cup to be of little use and experimented with a number of setups, ultimately I found that a  Ziploc 473 ml pot and cozy (or Multix 450 ml, in Australia) works as a protector and also performs the role of cup/bowl. The ziploc cozy can also be used to insulate a gas cartridge from the cold.


The lid on the Jetboil is effective and fits tightly to the pot, however, there are other options. For example the lid from the ziploc container will fit, be warned that the possibility of  the lid melting, or "lid lift off" may occur as the water approaches boiling point. A Sea to Summit X mug will also fit as a lid, but the same caveat applies.


If you are looking to save weight the the Ruta Locura CF lid #2 fits nicely.


Gas Usage
On my most recent trip the temperatures were never above zero, and plummeted to -8C one morning. I started with a new Jetpower 100 gm canister, and over the 4 days, having boiled approximately 3.2 litres of water I used 40 gms of gas, or about 13 gms of gas per litre of water boiled, which confirmed my usage figures of the past two years in cold weather. Whilst in warm weather I expect to use 10 gms of gas per litre of water boiled.

When comparing the stove and gas usage to other stoves it is clear that the Jetboil Sol Ti is a gas miser and on long trips you will carry less gas than any other gas stove. The drawback of course is what happens if …? My feeling now is that as long as the pot holds water then a simple fire can be used to heat the water, which for me is fine as I only ever boil water for food.

Would I take the stove north this summer, yes.