Saturday, 23 March 2013

Where to next?

West along the Padjetantaleden

Recently I was asked by a fellow blogger "Where are you headed this year, now that the Nordkalottleden is done?" A question I have been considering for a while. My criteria for this summer are;

1. Lapland or thereabouts
2. About 3 weeks in time
3. Preferably with resupply options
4. A night train to the beginning of the walk, I find the night train is a good way to slow down and begin to enjoy the journey.

 With these criteria established I begun to consider options, there are plenty. However, I then realised that I would like to complete the Padjelantaleden (having covered part of it 2 years ago) and I would like to visit Sulitjelma in Norway, so a plan began to come together.

Currently I am contemplating travelling to Kvikkjokk and from there head west to Staloluokta Stugorna on the Padjelantaleden, then head south along the Nordkalottleden to Sulitjelma.


The next part of the route was inspired by Mark at OneSwedishSummer with further insights provided by Jörgen at Fjäderlätt and involves heading south east to Hemavan via Vuoggatjålme with the option of returning to Kvikkjokk by via the Kungsleden.  This plan has a couple of benefits, including being able to resupply in Sulitjelma and the possibility of a food drop in Vuoggatjålme.  

The tyvek Calazo maps have arrived, so the planning is well underway, and as with any planning, it will evolve.


Of course there is always section hiking the E1, which will probably occupy most of my free time for many years to come.