Friday, 24 May 2013

Coast to Coast Sweden: Environment, interesting and amusing.

In this final set of photos I provide a range of perspectives on scenes that appealed me. This boat was sitting in, not on, the lake.

  Row Boat Flaken

The same lake from a different perspective, I had just spent an hour or more walking with Paul from Denmark, he kept walking.

  Calm Waters of Flaken

However, I soon found Paul setting up his hammock beside the next lake, he told me later he slept there for 2 hours, its a hard life this hiking business.

The impact of religion in the area is evidenced by the churches, the old monastry and the pilgrim trails.

  Småland Pilgrim Trail

For us foreigners, a 1/4 Mil (mile) does not seem far, but actually a 1/4 Mil = 2.5 kms. or thereabouts.

  1/4 Mil

I am a little unclear what this sign was warning the drivers about as I entered Store Mosse.

  No Idea what this sign means

The peat fields of Store Mosse were very evident from the railroad overpass at Kittlkull, they reminded me somewhat of the open spaces in Australia.

  Peat Fields Store Mosse

This sign made me laugh, sadly I never saw any of this breed of cattle. I spent the rest of the afternoon pondering on what a Gracing cow does.

  A new breed of cattle

The table was set at the Skivebo Kvarn, all it needed was hot fresh bread, and coffee and I would have spent all day there.

  Your table is ready

I travelled by bus to Smålandsstennar to catch the train I was taken by the indicator lights and accompanying electronic wizardry for the railway points system, it was still working with the lights flashing indicating that all was in order. I wonder how old it was? Fortunately the train was much more modern.

  Points controls Smålandsstenar

There must always be at least one sunset photo, and the sunset at Sandvik, was impressive. Fittingly this concludes my set of photos from my time with a great group of hikers on the Coast to Coast in Sweden.

  Sunset Sandvik