Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sweden Coast 2 Coast Växjö to Burseryd

I have just returned from six days along the route of the first Sweden Coast to Coast walk, you can read more about the walk here. I will leave it to others to describe in detail the entire walk, however, I felt a few words about the participants was needed. There is a mixture of walkers from several countries, some well known and some less well known, but they all have a single goal, to participate in, and walk from Kalmar to Varberg a planned route of about 400 kms, in about 13 days.

I was impressed by the sense of community and friendship that had already developed in the 5 days prior to my meeting the group, this type of support is critical in an event such as this. To see dogs carry bed rolls and horses being walked, not ridden, is in my view an epitome of experiencing the outdoors. You can follow the group on Facebook. I enjoyed my time along the route, and will write more of my experiences in the coming days.

To the hikers in the group, well done and enjoy.