Monday, 3 June 2013


Over the past few months I have been reading Willem's excellent reports on his Transscandinavia 2012 blog  and following the development of Mark's plans on the Gronbandet, I have also been influenced by my meetings with hikers on the Norge på Lange (walking the length of Norway, about 2500 km in about 3 months). However, I have had to scale back my plans a little. I am also attracted to the concept of walking the length of the E1 form the Denmark Germany Border to Nordkapp in Norway, about 3700 km.

Now because of other commitments completing this is one trip is not an option and to be honest probably not my idea of fun, though I would love to try a trip of 4 weeks or more and see how I fared.

My plan has evolved to the following, starting in Kvikkjokk, because I want to, and then head to Suiltjema and do a resupply from there it is south on the Nordlandsruta passing through Saltfjellet and Børgefjell nasjonalpark which is having its 50 year anniversary. With a distance of around 500 km, this will most likely be as far as I get, but, you never know. I will have a second resupply point at Umbukta Fjellstue.

The key is ordered

The maps and gps files are organised, I have undertaken my initial planning with , Frikart

My gear this trip will be similar to my last trip up north, I will be using the HMG Porter 4400 (formerly known as the Expedition Porter), a Tarptent Moment DW, which has all the features I like about the Notch along with a hoop pole and I will take the optional Carbon fibre pole for extra storm support. My stove will most likely be the Jetboil, though I keep toying with the idea of a Ti Tri Caldera. Most other gear will be unchanged, though I will be using the Klymit Static V, heavy, but this the mat I look forward to sleeping on after a long day.

I will write more  in the coming weeks as my plans are finalised.