Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nordlandsruta: Where am I going?

According to Traildino the Nordlandsruta commences near Narvik and concludes at Børgefjell, however, I will join the route in Suitjelma. To get to Suitjelma, I have chosen to travel by night train to Murjek and then bus via Jokkmok to Kvikkjokk, a trip I did in 2011.

  Mist rising from Vájmok

After a boat ride across Kvikkjokk Delta I will follow the route along the Padjelantaleden in 2011  past Njunjesstugan to a campsite as nice as the one I found on my last trip.

  Campsite beside Tarraure
The following day I intend to climb up to Vaimok, passing by the emergency shelter as well as some delightful campsites.

Ideally it will be sunny as I pass through the area, boulder hopping my way to Vaimok, my intention is to camp above the waterfalls at Vaimok. The following day there is a long descent into Pieskehaure after which I will continue ideally camping as close to Lomihytta as possible and adjacent to Lomivatnet.

The next day will be shopping day, and as the shop(s) in Suitjelma are closed on Sunday, I need to ensure that I am there no later than Saturday so that I can resupply. I also hope to take some time to have a closer look at Suitjelma glacier. Then its southward, firstly passing Calalveshytta and on to Balvatnet which has been described as a very beautiful place. Here you can take a real time (almost) look at the conditions.

Southwards, ever southwards, passing the refuge shelter at Argaladhytta on my way to Trygvebu, from here I swing west to Lønsstua and then on to Krukkistua. I am looking forward to this section as it includes Saltfjellet, as well I will cross the Arctic Circle as I head south. After Saltfjellet the journey continues southward ultimately arriving at Umbukta Fjellstue where a food parcel will be waiting for me (I hope) Then southwards along the marked DNT trails before arriving at Harvasstu. Harvasstu is located adjacent to the border of Børgefjell National Park and as a consequence the trails end soon after leaving the road.

The final section crosses Børgefjell National park and as a designated wilderness area it has no marked trails resulting in the need for good navigational skills.  Hopefully it will be reasonable weather allowing views of the higher peaks in the National Park. Importantly, this year is also the 50th anniversary of the National Park and undoubtedly I may meet others in this very special year. I anticipate spending 2 or 3 nights in the national park before descending to Namsvatnet and a boat which will deposit me near Børgefjellbua from there I will need to find my way south to Røryvik and ultimately to Namskogan railway station for the journey home via Trondheim.

All in all about 500 kms in a little over 3 weeks, should keep me busy at least.