Monday, 22 July 2013

Nordlandsruta: A few reflections.

Camp near Balvatnet

Some facts: Trip length of 335 kilometres over 14 days with a total ascent of over 10000 metres.
Days of sunshine 4; days of rain "the rest".
Bugs, generally okay, in part due to the windy conditions.

The most used piece of clothing, Rab Demand closely followed by Rab Drillium pants, least used gear sunglasses and the sunscreen was not used at all.

The Nordlandsruta, is a marked route as opposed to a trail, often the only evidence of the route are the well spaced red T markers.


The route ascends and descends crossing marshy swamps, passing over wet and slippery tallus which often means that every step forward results in half a slip back. Alternatively, there is the crossing of a fast flowing rivers, or worse the major extraction of a foot from a bog. The views were often framed by the hood of my jacket as the peaks disappeared into the clouds.

However, I enjoyed myself, I learnt a lot about myself, and the gear withstood the challenge, admittedly there are some items that I would change.

During the trip I developed the capacity to relax whilst laying on the ground in a severe rainstorm as well as appreciating the moments when the clouds parted,



I enjoyed watching the reindeer, near and far as they trotted up the hills.


Deer on the Horizon
I was amazed at how the flowers can survive in such conditions,


Flower growing in between rocks

and enjoyed relaxing whether it be by a lake, or on a rocky outcrop.

Relaxing beside Viskisvatna

Gear comments and reflections will follow in the coming days.