Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What works for me: Mugs and cups


When it comes to choosing a drinking vessel whether it be a mug, cup or a pot it is very much a personal choice. Over the years I have tried many, sometimes my choices have been driven by fashion, other times by weight and occasionally by practicality. When I first started walking I used an enamel mug, which was cheap and readily available in camping stores. Such mugs continue to be easily found and I note that GSI Outdoors even has a range of enamel mugs these days. I moved on from enamel mugs to aluminium and plastic mugs as well as bakelite mugs at one stage.

Returning to hiking I began to look for lighter and functional gear and was attracted by many different products and these attractions have continued. I have experimented with many different drinking vessels including, Folding cups

Pots as mugs, such as the BPL Ti pot.


Collapsible mugs, such as the Sea to Summit X-Cup, or X-Mug, I note you can even buy an X-Shot these days.


 The rolls royce of cups; the Kupilka 21


The ziploc or Multix pot


A Ti pot such as the Evernew 900 mug pot.


What do I prefer, well it depends really, lets assume I am carrying one cooking pot. If I am seeking the lightest weight and packability it has to be the Foldacup, if a little more volume is required then I could consider a Ziploc cup, or the X-Mug.


If I am looking for an extra cooking pot then I would use a pot such as the AGG pot.


If I want to enjoy my coffee then it has to be the Kupilka, however, the handle does inhibit packability.

When travelling up north I use a Kupilka as I often adopt the dip and drink strategy, a routine that I prefer not to use in more populated areas.


Bottles as drinking vessels? I am not really convinced about using a bottle for hot liquids, though the advent of the stainless water bottle may provide a segue into the use of such containers as drinking vessels, and they can be used as pots for boiling water.

Words of warning

1. Metal cups will burn your lips when filled with a hot liquid.
2. Plastic cups can produce tomato soup flavoured tea if not cleansed thoroughly.

Are there other options I have not considered?
Do you have a preferred drinking vessel?
Are you a one pot does all hiker, or do you prefer to have separate pots and drinking cups?