Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Fjordstien: Kulhuse Havn to Frederikssund

The Fjordstien is a series of trails which circumnavigate Roskilde and Isfjord, south of Copenhagen. A map of the trails can be found here. As the area is close to home it is easy to jump on a train and/or bus and soon be at a trail head.

Sunrise 2

Having taken a train and bus I was soon in Kulhuse Havn, a ferry port, as the ferry does not run in winter and the area was quiet and a grey haze hung over the area.

 I set off along the coast southwards. The trail hugged the coastline as I wandered through the reeds abutting the large summer houses. I was soon reminded of the December storm which had pushed the water levels well above the high water line and into the houses in the area. The sandbags remained as evidence of these times as did the stacks of furniture adjacent to the trail.  Soon I was entering forest and looking for a place to stay.
Having found a place I set up camp and then first drops of rain, an early night was in order. I awoke in the morning to blue skies, birdsong and one ‘head banging” woodpecker. Laying and relaxing in The Notch there seemed no need to rush.

Through the mesh

A leisurely breakfast followed by a wander around the area looking at the remnants (and is there is a lot) of the damage from the storm I eventually decided it was time to pack and head south.

Storm damage, calm pool

Nordskoven has many very old trees such as

Remnants of the Old Oak

An oak between 800 and 1000 years old which died in 1980, I was fascinated by the curves in its trunk.

Oak Waves

The oak in all its glory appears in the prize winning painting (The Old Oak Tree with Stork Nest in the North Forest near Jægerspris) by P C Skovgaard, 1843. Leaving one oak I was soon at the visiting the so called  “King Oak” one of the oldest living oaks in northern europe, with an age between 1500 and 2000 years old and whilst clearly suffering old age (in part due to the surrounding taller trees) it has clearly withstood the changing climatic conditions over the centuries.

King Oak

A alternate view

King Oak

Leaving the forest I ventured onto Dyrnæs Pier

Dyrnaes Pier

Where i spent time enjoying the sunshine and admiring the swans

Swans in Roskilde Fjord

Heading back to the shoreline I met a couple who inquired whether I had seen the sea eagle, sadly no was my response.

Dyrnaes Pier

I then followed King Frederik’s the 7th Alle

King Frederik 7th Alle

into the outskirts of Jagerpris, before descending through the forest and across Roskilde fjord to Frederikssund and then home, A short but enjoyable walk which has me already planning my next wander in the area.