Sunday, 9 November 2014

Nordkystien: Part 1 Gillelje to Helsingør

I arrived early at Gilleleje station and quickly headed to the coast, at 8 am in was very quiet as I passed through the shopping centre but it was less so around the fishing wharf.


Leaving Gilleleje the path, bordered by hedgerows, climbed up to a park providing views back to the wharf area. By now I had warmed up and after removing a layer I headed into the forest ultimately reaching Nakkehoved Lighthouse


The area around the lighthouse provides views across Oresund but with the wind coming off the water is was somewhat cool, soon I was back into the forest where I came across a grave. The grave is the last resting place of Kristian Faber  who was a lighthouse inspector, it seemed like an ideal resting place for a lighthouse keepers' final resting place with views across the water.  I pondered that if he was able to look out across the water today he would see a much busier waterway with ships heading to and from the Baltic Sea.


Leaving the grave I soon came across a well used canoe/kayak campsite which provided a pleasant outlook over the water.

However, all too quickly I was into a built up area and hoping the bitumen would soon end. After what seemed like an eternity, but was less than an hour I was back on the beach seeking the firmest piece of sand to walk on as I continued west. I continued to hope that the sun would appear through the greyness of the featureless sky, sadly it never did. Following the beach and then a gravel trail I passed through the outskirts of Hornbæk before reentering the forest. Stopping briefly to look back towards Nakkehoved, and the breakwater at Hornbæk.


With the sun high in the sky (behind the clouds) a suitable spot for lunch was found and whilst cooking my noodles I watched the Cormorants airing their wings and hunting for food with Sweden as a backdrop.


After lunch I followed the what was left of the well maintained bicycle path as it wound its way along the foreshore, before turning inland.


The forested section followed the railway line towards Helsingør and the end of the journey.


Travelling home on the trail I was already contemplating the next section of the Nordkyststien, and hoping for sunnier weather.