Friday, 4 April 2014

Around Häckeberga, almost

Setting sun

A while ago I met a couple of Danish hikers who suggested I should visit Häckaberga, Sweden, and ever since then it has been in my to do list, especially given its proximity to home. Furthermore, this trip was also to be part of my training for the Sweden Coast 2Coast. 
Leaving work I was soon crossing Øresund Bridge into Sweden,  and after a short bus trip I was on the Nord-sydleden at Kniveåsen. A couple of hours later I was climbing onto the Romeleåsen Ridge having passed through the quiet village of Bjömstorp complete with the option of renting of Buda Velocipede to travel the rails between Björnstorp and Veberöd. As evening approached I found a suitable site with views to Malmö and Lund and settled in to watch the sunset. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

A wander South of Borup

I took some time to wander the forests south of Borup, there was no plan, except to complete a circuit. The weather was pleasant but cool, many trees and plants were in bud, spring is coming.

The lyrical notes of many different birds provided the background music, whilst the sun spent most of its time hiding behind a thin layer of cloud.
All in all, a relaxing Sunday walk.