Monday, 28 July 2014

Heading Up North, what am I doing, where am I going, and more importantly what am I carrying?

I have been fortunate over the past few years to have the opportunity to head north of the Arctic Circle and explore new areas. This year is no different and I am travelling to Riksgränsen (on the Sweden Norwegian border), by air and bus before being deposited at Katterjåkk, where thanks to the local Coop I will collect some gas cartridges before wending my way south along the Swedish Norwegian border. My ultimate aim is to climb the highest peak in Sweden, Kebnekaise, before arriving in Nikkaluokta from which I will return to Copenhagen. Unfortunately the timing of my arrival in Nikkaluokta is not ideal as it is also the start of the Fjällräven Classic, so I expect to see more people in a couple of hours than I will have seen for the whole trip.

The total trip length is about 150 kilometers and I am planning a leisurely walk over 9 days.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Tin Mine Cove to Five Mile Beach: A wander across northern Wilsons Promontory

It was many years ago that I first visited the Northern end of Wilson Promontory. My first trip in the mid 60’s was with a group of scouts and we walked out along the 5 mile road then to the beach, during that trip we visited Johnny Soueys Cove and 3 Mile Beach with the trip culminating in rock hoping around the coast from five mile beach to Sealers Cove before finishing the trip at the Oberon Carpark.  It was a very enjoyable trip and one I have often thought about. Soon after I had the opportunity to revisit the area with the Melbourne Bushwalking club on this occasion we were dropped off by boat near Mt Singapore and the travelled south over Mounts Singapore and Hunter ultimately arriving at the end of the Five Mile Road.

Many years have passed but the allure of the Northern End of Wilsons Promontory National Park has remained. The park is much more regulated these days and for the northern prom you need to complete a “Wilderness permit application” . Whilst I can understand the need to ensure that hikers in this area can navigate along poorly marked trails (which are often overgrown) ford or swim rivers which can be over head height, navigate trackless swamps but the area is not wilderness, as the there are marked trails and designated campsites. 
 Kraken Tours 

So to cut a long story short an opportunity arose and I took it, the boat that is. With the help of my brother we contacted Kraken Tours  and they were willing to take the 2 of us to Tin Mine Cove, furthermore, they picked us up at the Foster YHA and within an hour we were standing on the beach at Tin Mine Cove considering which way to go.

Mapping Discussion

The choice was simple we set up camp and decided to walk tomorrow. As a result I spent some time considering the surroundings, relaxing and enjoying the serenity.