Thursday, 4 December 2014

E6: Svendborg to Nyborg

I set off from Svendborg in the early morning light, the air was cool and with a hazy sun promising a fine day I was looking forward to the walk.


Following the path as it wound its way around the harbour through the docks area, before entering the nature reserve. The views back to the harbour in the early morning light encouraged me to slow down and enjoy the experience.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Freeze Dried Foods: There is nothing like a free feed.

A little while ago I published a post on my choices of freeze dried meals. Soon afterwards I received a message from Alpkit, via Twitter, asking whether I would be interested in trying a new product they were about to launch. Well I am always interested in a free meal so I said yes.


In due course a small package arrived  containing a Mild Chicken Korma and a Chocolate Chip Pudding appeared in my letter box. Perhaps, I should have advised Alpkit that I do not eat pudding on the trail, instead I munch on a few dried apricots after dinner, as it saves fuel and I like them.