Tuesday, 21 October 2014

What works for me: Rucksacks, backpacks

When I first started backpacking with the Boy Scouts I carried a pack, but I cannot recall what it was. But I do recall my first A framed pack which was similar to this one.

A frame pack

I recall happily using this pack on a number of trips in the mid sixties until the next best thing came along “The H frame”,  a better load carrier. The pack was a Flinders Ranges H frame Venturer pack, as shown below. It worked well, but as was normal at that time the hip belt was a thin leather strap and the shoulder straps were also minimalist and I can recall making foam pads to protect the shoulders.

H Frame 1

For those wondering, I am behind the camera, and cannot recall the names of those in the photo.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

E6: Korsør to Hvalsø

The European Walking Trail E6 is one of the two trails that pass through Denmark. I had set off from the railway station at Korsør following the bike path as it paralleled the railway line in the direction I had just come from.

As I walked I past a cyclist who was fixing a puncture and was soon passed by other cyclists with large saddle bags. I thought to myself t would be a busy campsite tonight with all these cyclists.  I entered Svenstrup and then headed north to the beach. Whilst to was sunny, with an on shore breeze it was a little cool.