Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Along the Nordkalottleden: Björkliden to Kilipsjärvi

I am back from a fanatastic trip. It will take me a few days for me to come to terms with everything I have seen heard and experienced in so many ways. There are many photos and notes to sort through, however some highlights include

1. Awesome scenery; over every rise there is a new panorama
2. Wonderful bird life, including the hikers friend the Long-tailed Skua
3. Lots of water
4. Mosquitos but for me at least they were not a significant problem
5. Many reindeer herds
6. Ideal fishing locations
7. Great packrafting opportunities

and much more

Gear I was happy with my gear choices though I will make some adjustments for the next long trip. I will report on this in more detail later.

Weather: in summary 3 days of sunshine, 3 days of rain, 3 days of wind one of which was also foggy, and there was even sleet on the second day.

Over the coming weeks I will write a travelogue of the trip. For now it is back to reality with family from Australia arriving.